Morning Quotes


#VenerableMasterHsingYun  #366DayswithWisdom

When I see people do good deeds, I support them by rejoicing. When people make great efforts to help the country to prosper, I sing their praise because there is a cause to rejoice. “Rejoicing” is a beautiful virtue.

If someone does good deeds and speak good words; even though we were hindered from doing the same for some reason, we can still feel happy and rejoice for that person. Lord Buddha said, “If a person can rejoice in someone’s virtuous deed, both will receive equal merits.” It is very obvious that “rejoicing” is an important attitude in human interactions and relationships.

Regrettably, in modern day society, there are very few people who know how to rejoice in others’ good deeds. 

There are the heartless who like to take joy in calamities and delight in disasters. For example, if a person supports the poor, there are some people who would say the effort is just a drop in the ocean. If you are in financial straits, but still support some good deeds, then someone would say you are pretentious and living beyond your means. If society cannot cultivate the habit of rejoicing in good deeds, but simply criticises others, then it would be difficult to find kind people and good deeds anymore.