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佛光菜根谭(四) 励志 Encouragement(精装版)

内容简介/Introduction 凡事求人,不易成就; 自己承担,容易成就。 Always relying on others leads to failure, Taking responsibility leads to success. 《佛光菜根谭》是星云大师弘法一甲子的智慧精华,言简意赅,字字珠玑,既融涵佛道儒修身处世的哲理,且遣词用字浅白易懂,平民大众均能从中汲取精神食粮,十分适合作为修心养性上的参考指引。 此套丛书共分成四册:「自在」、「人和」、「教育」、「励志」,把大師的法語加以分類,配上英文翻譯,并以小巧的口袋书形式呈现,期许各阶层人士在阅读后,都能增进品德、净化身心,进而对社会人群有所贡献。 《The Everlasting Light》is a collection of charming aphorisms gathered over the many years of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s teaching career—this international favorite is now available in a handsome minibook edition. Slight in size but grand in stature, this minibook contains over one hundred new verses and quotes printed in both English and Chinese.  These small, sturdy books are well-suited for daily contemplation and reading on the go. 


内容简介 中英对照的智能法语,在记录生活中美好的同时,亦可从中体悟人生,和星云大师接心。设计典雅,自用送礼皆宜。