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Four Insights for Finding Fulfilment (成就的秘訣 金剛經 英文版)

Introduction A good idea can go a long way, and the best ideas can set us free. In Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment, Venerable Master Hsing Yun puts forth four discoveries that, when practiced, can bring peace, happiness, and success. Drawn from the Diamond Sutra—one of the most read, studied, and beloved Buddhist texts throughout the world—the four insights show us how to give, how to help others, how to live our lives, and how to develop ourselves.  Wrapped in Master Hsing Yun’s penchant for storytelling and decades of Buddhist practice, Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment unlocks the Diamond Sutra like never before, guides readers to understand its essential teachings, and demonstrates how this ageless text has something to offer for all sentient beings.

From the Four Noble Truths to the Four Universal Vows - 從四聖諦到四弘誓願

Venerable Master Hsing Yun discusses the importance of the Four Noble Truths, as the Buddha taught them. He also discusses the Four Universal Vows that compliment the Four Noble Truths. He uses the fundamental teachings of the Buddha to emphasize the harmony, which prevails in all forms of Buddhism at the highest level of doctrine. Master Hsing Yun demonstrates the common acceptance of the Four Noble Truths by quoting from the prominent scriptures of every Buddhist tradition. He states that it is not easy to understand the integration of the Mahayana and Theravada Schools through the Four Noble Truths and the Four Universal Vows. However, with comprehensive wisdom and realization, integration is certainly possible.

Humanistic Buddhism: A Blueprint for Life - 人間佛教的藍圖(舊版)

Humanistic Buddhism: A Blueprint for Life reclaims the Buddhist scriptures in the name of Humanistic Buddhism. Venerable Master Hsing Yun examines health, religion, politics, family, and many other subjects by drawing from the vast expanse of Buddhist literature to show how the wisdom of the Buddha is not only relevant, but imperative for modern living.

Infinite Compassion, Endless Wisdom - 菩薩行証

Infinite Compassion, Endless Wisdom introduces us to the many Buddhist practitioners who have, for centuries, selflessly labored for the benefit of others. From the great bodhisattvas whose lives are confined to myth and legend, to those Buddhist masters who shaped the religion we know today, Infinite Compassion, Endless Wisdom shares their lives, their teachings, and their practice.

Life - 佛教對當代問題的探討(二)

In Life, Venerable Master Hsing Yun articulates the Buddhist view of the meaning, grandeur, and mystery of life, while applying those views in different arenas of contemporary society. Life flows effortlessly between Buddhist theory and practice, and between history and personal exposé, entering a deep exploration on such topics as human rights, education, politics and freedom.

Little Lotus and the Loving Kindness Cup - 小蓮花與愛心杯

Little Lotus’s school is having a recycling contest, and Lotus is determined to win the glory for Room 8, but she must choose between doing the right thing for the environment outside, or the environment inside. This charming chapter book for children with a Buddhist main character has an inspiring moral message while being entertaining reading for families to experience together.

Little Panka Sweeps the Mind - 掃心地。周利槃陀伽的故事

Little Panka is a novice monk who can’t get anything right: as soon as he is taught something he forgets it right away. Little Panka’s older brother gets so frustrated he kicks him out of the monastery. Just when i couldn’t get any worse, Little Panka is visited by the Buddha, who gently shows him new ways to learn. With vibrant illustrations by Du Lu, Little Panka Sweeps the Mind is a charming picture book about the importance of patience that shows readers young and old that awakening is open to us all.