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Four Insights for Finding Fulfilment (成就的秘訣 金剛經 英文版)

Introduction A good idea can go a long way, and the best ideas can set us free. In Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment, Venerable Master Hsing Yun puts forth four discoveries that, when practiced, can bring peace, happiness, and success. Drawn from the Diamond Sutra—one of the most read, studied, and beloved Buddhist texts throughout the world—the four insights show us how to give, how to help others, how to live our lives, and how to develop ourselves.  Wrapped in Master Hsing Yun’s penchant for storytelling and decades of Buddhist practice, Four Insights for Finding Fulfillment unlocks the Diamond Sutra like never before, guides readers to understand its essential teachings, and demonstrates how this ageless text has something to offer for all sentient beings.

Prescription for The Heart (Between Ignorance & Enlightenment)

Introduction Though we live in an age of technology advances and economic prosperity, we still face the problems of anxiety, anger, fear and self-destruction?  To enlighten us of these problems, Venerable Master Hsing Yun offers his insight on diverse topics such as time management, magnanimity, stress and power of positive thinking, impermanence and true love.  Much practical wisdom is contained in this book which is easily understood. These insights are vivid and provocative, challenging us step back from our conditioned responses to life to see things as they really are.

Ten Paths to Happiness

Introduction We all want to be happy. Twenty-six hundred years ago a young girl named Sumati asked the Buddha ten earnest questions on how to live happily in this life and beyond, with the Buddha’s detailed responses revealing that happiness can only be attained when we understand the nature of the world and practice for the benefit of others. In Ten Paths to Happiness, Venerable Master Hsing Yun now explicates these precious teachings and presents the path to lasting happiness to all who wish for peace, harmony, equality, and liberation from suffering in this life.

The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha(Comic)

Introduction I wrote The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha for one and a half year and it was completed in 1955. Mr Terry Lim expressed his wish to present it in a cartoon version based the book. He spent seven months to complete the work and maintained the original content. It is a good alternative for reading. I wish that the readers will be able to learn about the Buddha's life and His teachings, and that we all can follow His footsteps to liberate oursleves. by Venerable Master Hsing Yun